Missing Joâo Rafael Kovalski


Date of disappearance: 24 August 2013

Age at disappearance:  near 2 year old

Place of birth : BrazilPlace of disappearance : Brazil



„went missing from his home August 2013. His family is asking to spread out his picture worldwide, as they believe this is a case of international trafficking. The more his face is seen, the higher the chances of finding him.
I’m surprised that cases like this do no get proper attention in the international media (maybe with the exception of Madeleine McCann), and not even national media.

Yet, I do believe that by making the faces of missing children well known worldwide, the chances of finding them increase. Hopefully, this may hinder the international trafficking of children, and reduce the number of children that go missing. If you can, please share this post! Let’s see if the social networking can do what the international media do not…”
Family of child
If you know the whereabouts or fate of this child urgently contact the nearest police station in your country!!



But cases like little Jonh’s do not! And they unfortunately become statistics. Many homes are destroyed, pain is spread in all parts of Brazil and our governors are not even worried in changing the laws that would force the media to show the faces of those missing children on TV. Lorraine (Jonh Rafael’s mom) says: „We were abandoned by our heads of state. This may be a lifetime fight but we will not give up looking for our baby”

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